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  • Brown Socks - Men's brown bamboo socks


    Best Men's Brown Bamboo Socks

    Men's Brown Bamboo Socks - Smart and Comfortable Dress Socks These colourful men's brown bamboo socks are perfect for daily wear, at home or in the office, and any formal or casual event. Bamboo socks are full of natural qualities that make...

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  • men's purple patterned socks - mens funky and cools socks from a uk socks shop - uptownsox


    Men's Purple Fun Dress Socks (Pair) - Born to the purple

    Men's Purple Fun Dress Socks (Pair) - Born to the purple These mens fun dress socks are one of our most popular products from Uptown Sox. They are really impressive and will make you the centre of attention, when people see you wearing these socks...

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  • soxo spots - cheap spotted socks - uk sock shop - soxo socks


    Mens Dark Blue Spotty Cotton Socks (Pair)

    Mens Fun Novelty Dark Blue Spotty Cotton Socks (Pair) These socks are a greet looking rich colour with fun spots.  They would be perfect with a pair of sliders or a pair of smart black shoes. Soxo are a brand from Poland (We love...

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